I don’t want to dwell on last year, but what was that all about? I don’t believe anyone expected COVID to dominate the world for a second year.

Last year was number a 5, the Hierophant. This was the year where we challenged societal rules (or lack of them), questioned our trust in the large institutions like the government, big corporate and the medical field. We explored more of metaphysical and spiritual arts. I have seen a huge increase in the uptake of people learning the tarot, astrology, and mediumship.

The fashion House of Dior used tarot cards and astrology in their 2021 Spring Fashion Show. https://www.dior.com/en_at/womens-fashion/haute-couture-shows/spring-summer-2021-haute-couture-collection

2022, shifts from the changeable and challenging number 5 to a 6. The corresponding Major Arcana in the tarot deck is The Lovers.

The Lovers year focuses on relationships, duality, choices, morals, and values. A year of responsibly, caring, sharing and dare I use the word “commitment?” Not to just one person but in all areas of your life.

There can be some amazing alignments when you meet someone who seems to be the missing part to your puzzle, your ‘other half,’ the connection that is hard to explain but feels fated…. but are either of you, single and available to pursue?

If you are both in the right place, right time, right circumstances, then this could very well be a long lasting, satisfying relationship. If not, there could be a monumental choice to make. Do you take the high road or low road? In the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, The Lovers is depicted by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with temptation of the forbidden fruit, and we know how that turned out!

But not all relationships are of the romantic nature. What is your relationship like with your job, colleagues, car, money, parents, house, bank, kiddos, pets, friends and what about yourself? Are you excellent with money, but hate your job? Do you adore your car but it’s on its last ‘wheels?’ Do you look in the mirror and criticize at what reflects back at you? Is the relationship between you and your kids getting harder and driven by anger or disappointment instead of love and compassion?

Some thought provoking statements. You hate your job but love the pay, but won’t even look to see if other companies are offering the same or better than your current position? That’s a choice. However, if you explore there may be a better paid and aligned business out there!

Self-love should always be at the top of the list, but it rarely is, although I have seen a shift in that area too. Be kind to you, love you the way you are, then you can love others whole heartedly.

There could be some big decisions to make in 2022. Perhaps you discover your job is moving across country, or you’re approached to work for the company of your dreams. What do you do? Your family and friends are where you live now, but this opportunity comes along once a lifetime…hmmm, not an easy decision at all.

We have looked at the Major Arcana, but let’s not forget each of the 6s in the Minor Arcana.

The number 6 in the Minor Arcana can be summarized in a couple of key words – perseverance and tenacity.

In the Rider-Waite system we have:

6 of Cups – nostalgia, children, or childhood. Most people look back to some point in their lives with some fondness; time spent with loved ones, their first love, childhood memories, but it isn’t good to stay for long, thinking about the ‘what-ifs?’ Reminiscing can be fun, but the past is the past and it can’t be changed.

6 of Swords – consciously moving on, leaving behind the choppy waters, and moving into calmer times. However, the Swords are traveling along too. This to me is about deciding to move on, possibly forgiving, not forgetting behavior that led up to this point.

6 of Wands – victory and recognition – it takes a lot of effort and stamina to be successful in an area of life. Often other things must go be the wayside to be able to reach the goal. It’s nice to be recognized and praised for achievements.

6 of Pentacles – giving and taking, charity. Sometimes we have more than we need and can offer to those less fortunate, and on other occasions, we need the help. Being able to give when we can be amazing, but it is also important to accept help from others with grace and thanks.

What about people in your life? Do you expect more than they give, are you not giving as much as they do? Are there some friends you have out grown, or some you feel are slipping away and you don’t want to lose? This year a lot of answers may pop out and this time next year, you may have refined, got rid of and gained new friendships.

Back to the number 6. In numerology this number is ruled by the lovely planet of Venus. She stands for beauty, harmony, luxury, balance, love and of course partnerships. This year the people you meet could have profound effect on you and be in your life for a long period of time. These could be mentors, partners, neighbors, colleagues or all the above.

There is no ‘rush’ associated with this year, so take your time and remember that any major decision you make is going to have a longer lasting effect than normal, so be sure you have all the answers to all sides of the question before committing. Once you have chosen your path it will be set and hard to change.

The Lovers, in tarot, is also associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of speed, communication and technology. If you are single, maybe online dating would be a good route to try this year. Duality is another word that comes to mind when mentioning Gemini, which signifies the two halves of the whole.

Mercury and Venus are opposite on the speed/patient front. If you do begin a new romance, you could get a little heady, giddy, butterflies in your tummy feelings, which is lovely, but try to exercise some patience and get to know your new squeeze. Don’t forget that long lasting relationships can start in a year ‘6,’ there’s no need to move forward at the speed of light.

So, to summarize, relationships and life choices are the top dogs for 2022.

  • Make sure you cater to yourself as well as others.
  • Reach out and let people know you appreciate them.
  • Increase your overall circle of friends and associates, you just never know who is going to be a great influence for you, or you for them.
  • Any big decisions you need to make, double check you have all the information for all options before choosing.

Enjoy this different, slower paced year. It isn’t going to be a ‘boring slow,’ just has a few less unsteady twists and turns from last year! And that is very much welcomed!

Wishing you a Happy, Safe, Prosperous and Magical 2022


Claire xo