The Year of The Chariot

We have moved away from The Lovers of 2022, and into the year of The Chariot. Before I close the door to 2022, did you notice the amount of relationship changes that were going on? I certainly did. New friendships and love interests formed, engagements and weddings! Some breakups too…but we don’t want to go there.

So what is on ‘the cards’ for 2023?

This is a year to be a little selfish and begin to make strides toward the goals that have been set.

The year of the Chariot can be full of stops and starts. One minute flying at full speed, then the next completely stopped. This can be rather frustrating, but like with every journey, there are potholes, traffic jams and diversions along the way.

The trick is to pace yourself and think of 2023 as a marathon not a sprint. There is success at the end of the journey, but it will take some determination and focus.


The charioteer is alone with the chariot being pulled by two animals, often signified with one white and one black. These represent opposing forces within us, like the conscious and subconscious. There may be moments of wanting to move forward, but secretly doubting your ability, which keeps the brakes firmly applied. The two working together in synchronicity along with the charioteer directing, allows for progression.


Distractions by others could also add some delays. Take a moment to question their motives, whether you are being supported and encouraged by those in your circle, or not. Any hangers-on or nay-sayers not doing so could mean a slower and more painful journey.

The Chariot can also signify travel, so get those passports out and make plans for a trip this year. Embrace all the new experiences that come along, but still maintain the drive, and focus on your goals for 2023.

Let’s not forget the four Minor Arcana cards that depict the number 7, as they are like a subset of the Chariot, giving guidance with each of the elements.


7 of Cups

Many choices that are presented can cause distractions. Watch out for things being too good to be true. Use your experience to choose wisely and be aware of the shiny object syndrome.

7 of Pentacles

Patience is a key word here, where all the work has been done, but payment (in time or money) hasn’t yet shown up. Keep putting the work in, results will follow.

7 of Swords

Often known as the card for deceit; this could be about others, or are you deceiving yourself? Use your experience and take forward what you know and leave behind what doesn’t serve you.

7 of Wands

It is OK to stand up for yourself and believe in what you are doing or want to do. Others may not agree or like it, however, this is your journey, not theirs.

This is a year for success so long as focus is maintained on the goals set, emotions kept in check, an eye stays on the prize, and an undeterred self belief.

I wish you a magical and fulfilling year ahead.