The 8 of Swords

Welcome to the penultimate of the four ‘bers’ of 2023 – November

And just like that October has gone? And what a month! Unfortunately, we witnessed the horrible unrest and devastation in Israel, such sad times. Hubby was due to go to Kuwait which was fortunately cancelled a day before he was supposed to leave.

I gave tarot readings at a psychic fair, twice, “Melody Lane Sanctuary,” about 20 minutes from where I live in Illinois. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting local people and helping them with their questions and concerns. The sanctuary is a new business, and the hope is to grow it with a multitude of gifted readers, healers, massage, reiki, aura, animal and angel readings along with the ability to buy crystals, jewelry and so much more. It feels great to be a part of like-minded tribe of people.

The card of the month has been drawn and it is the 8 of Swords. Another sword, following the Queen from last month. This card can be seen as doom and gloom, but with all cards in the tarot there are lessons to be learned and obstacles to overcome, just as there are in life.

So, what does the 8 of Swords mean for the collective month of November?

There is a need to stop this month. Stop over complicating situations, trying to fix issues, and not paying attention to what is in front of you. Stop being overwhelmed with stuff to do. There is always “stuff” to do, but when we have put things off for so long, it can all seem too much to handle. How do we attack this, turn the 8 of Swords into help not hindrance and give us a productive month?

I am a keen advocate for writing things down. Call me old fashioned, but writing down a task or thought that pops into your head that you need to take care of later means your brain doesn’t have to remember it. We’ve all done it! Gone to the grocery store for milk, spent money on other bits and bobs that have caught our eye or thought we needed, to only realize we forgot the milk as soon as we get in the front door! Duh! A list of ‘to-do’s doesn’t have to be boring or fearful. What about writing a list of things to get for Christmas? Cards, gifts etc. Planning out Thanksgiving dinner, or if like me the house looks like a tornado came through it, writing down things that need attention in bite size chunks, checking them off as you get them accomplished. It is a great feeling to know you have got a step closer to completing the tasks.

Enough of that lecture…

What else can the 8 of Swords do for us this month?

You don’t have to go it alone. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in problems, we can’t see the wood for the trees. Ask for help. Getting perspective from others can shed light on an issue and often give alternative ways to solve it that hadn’t been thought of before. These individuals could be friends, relatives, a therapist, maybe even a tarot reader.

If you are feeling trapped in any situation, remember that you always have the power to change your circumstances. A little courage may be needed, but the 8 of Swords sits under the Strength and Star cards (numbers 8 and 17 respectively.) They encourage you to be brave right now, knowing that the future ahead will be a little more peaceful and full of hope.

Finally, if you have given your power away, use this months’ energy to reclaim it. Like I said right at the beginning, ‘stop’ is the word for this month and that includes giving away your power to the wrong people and situations.

As always, stay magical!

Claire xo