December 2021 – Card of the Month

And here we are, we have reached the final month of 2021. How do you feel? Exhausted? Happy? Stressed? Excited? I think I am a mix of the above. This time last year we were forecasting that we would be ‘back to normal’ by now. Unfortunately, that hasn’t quite happened. We have opened up a little across the world, and I for one, was grateful to get to fly to back to the UK to see my dad, stepmom and friends.

December can be a hard month for many people for many different reasons, so please be extra kind this time of year.

The final card for 2021 is the 6 of Cups. I am thankful it wasn’t a Major Arcana, to expect some big announcement or conscious shift, but more of a gentle card. In the traditional Rider Waite, this is the card of nostalgia. Looking back on childhood memories, friends, family, and loved ones. A lot of reflection over the past year happens over the Christmas / Holiday season. People we have loved and lost, the changes for the better and worse, the happy and not so happy times.

This month, take time to reach out to those people who are in your life and reminisce about the ‘good ol’ days.’ Seek out family members who don’t live so close and get in touch. It doesn’t have to be all gushy and sweet, but a call or card could mean the world.

On a lighter note, embrace your inner child! Do something silly, get the board games out, play cards, even better play Twister (subject to health conditions of course) and have a laugh, a true giggle. Kids have the most amazing time when they are spontaneous, just thinking of the now and having fun. Sometimes we all need to let our hair down for a while.

Lastly, decide who and what deserves YOU into 2022. There is a new beginning just around the corner, you have all the tools to make it the best year yet!

Have a wonderful December, Happy Holidays and let’s all have a Magical 2022.

With love,

Claire xo