The Queen of Swords

Hello October 2023! A cookie is up for grabs if you can name the movie that line came from!

Welcome to the second of the four ‘bers’ of 2023 – October

How was your September? It’s been beautiful here in Illinois, the summer has continued with warm, sunny days and cooler nights. My favorite time of year is here. I love the ‘…bers!’

My 2024 Tarot Journal and Planner is out on Amazon and is doing well – thank you to everyone who has bought it so far!

How did the Page of Wands turn up for you? I have been in a very creative mood designing all sorts of things… relating to tarot and other things that I will be sharing another time.

We have the Queen of Swords as our card for October, which is rather appropriate being my card for Libra. All the Queens in the tarot are known for patience and receptiveness. There is a maturity and understanding that has been learned over time. So how do we distinguish between them? With the suit, that in this case is swords. Swords are about communication, logic, analytics, words, attitudes, and reasoning.

What does the Queen of Swords mean for the collective this month?

The focus for October is to seek clarity in all areas of life. When facing situations that are complicated or unclear it’s important to not jump to any conclusions. Instead, take a breath and delve deep in the details to get to the bottom of the matter. Approach problems and decisions using your intellect and logic as your guides.

Following on from that, don’t be backwards in coming forward. Ask those questions, and if answers don’t sound or feel right, ask again. A month to be a detective if the situation warrants. It’s a good time to be straight forward with your interactions so long as you remember some compassion and honesty. You may be asked to be judge and jury between others, as you’re emitting the energy of balance and fairness. Be truthful, as you were asked your opinion, even if the recipients don’t want to hear what you have to say. This isn’t the time for cookies and cuddles, more of a sit down with a drink and directness.

Have you been wanting to cut away unnecessary baggage or distractions that has been holding you back? This is a good month to put some focus into using that sword to cut those strings along with decluttering both physically and emotionally.

This all sounds rather work like and not much fun. This queen is funny though in a dry sense of humor and witty way. Perhaps throw in the odd sarcastic comment to defuse any growing tensions.

Whatever October brings for you, enjoy, have fun and I will see you next month!

As always, stay magical!

Claire xo