The 9 of Swords

Hello August 2023!

And just like that July has come and gone! How was your month? Apart from a welcomed vacation in Cozumel, we have been super busy with our garden and bees! We have enough tomatoes to supply half of Illinois, and tons of green beans – OK, a bit of an exaggeration but it certainly feels like a lot! We are freezing the veggies, canning, chopping, dicing, making sauces and paste especially with the tomatoes which has been fun and messy!

Speaking of messy…hubby’s beehives have produced an abundance of honey which he decided to extract last month. Oh, my goodness! The garage was turned into a film set of Pulp Fiction with plastic laid on the floor – I did question him at that point! Then came the frames with the honey, spinner, buckets, filters, and scrapers. A total sticky mess! However, we think we are going to get up to 8 gallons of honey! If you have any recipes using honey, please let me know – I need some! A lot of them!

What does the 9 of Swords mean for the collective this month?

The 9 of Swords, following the victorious 6 of Wands for July, may make us feel a little insecure and overthink our abilities – can we continue? Are we good enough? Well, the answer to those, is a resounding YES! we are. How can we work best with the 9 of Swords to attain what we want?

The image of this card shows someone not being able to sleep, with a lot on their mind. This is the Rider-Waite imagery for what he believed the card meant when he was devising the deck. Yes, it can indicate lots of thoughts going on, but to me, it also signifies you have nearly reached the end of a project or phase. The 9 in numerology signifies endings, clearing out the old, making way for the new. So, when I created Aunt Lily’s Tarot Deck, I wanted the 9 of Swords to look like a ladder, each sword a step up to the window, a step towards freedom.

August in the USA, particularly, is the month when children go back to school. What do they need for the year? School holidays are in full swing in UK and Europe, so trips are likely. The weather is typically good (she says) so house and garden projects can be tackled.

The key to anything that has many parts or items to it is by writing lists on paper or in your phone. It may seem obvious or even silly, but trying to remember all the information needed can be stressful and unnecessary, especially when dealing with more than yourself or taking on a big project.

This month, we are encouraged to examine what no longer serves us. This isn’t solely about friendships, but rather about our mindsets and the negative beliefs we carry, both from others and ourselves. The words we hear and repeat internally can really impact our emotions. Continuously telling yourself that you’re unattractive, lazy, or unintelligent can ingrain these false notions as truths. Reflect on whether there are people in your life who contribute to this negative self-talk, and question if they truly belong in your inner circle or if it’s better to keep them at a distance.

Now that you’ve read this, the awareness will linger in your consciousness. When you catch yourself indulging in negative self-speak, take a moment to replace it with a positive affirmation. Admittedly, it’s not a simple task, but catching even a few instances of negative self-talk can pave the way for more constructive and optimistic thoughts to flood your mind.

Release yourself from the burden of worrying about things beyond your control. By becoming aware of this tendency, you’ll likely find that some of the issues on your list can be crossed off. Redirect your focus solely towards what you can do to influence your life positively, and you’ll soon discover the benefits.

How else can the 9 of Swords assist us this month? The number 9 often represents progress and the final push required to accomplish a particular project or goal. If you’re working on your business for example, this card suggests that you’re approaching the completion stage—whether it’s finishing the course content, selecting products to sell, or analyzing a marketing campaign.

The suit of Swords embodies logic, data, and communication. Take advantage of this month to focus on tasks such as writing, recording videos, creating blog posts, and engaging in effective communication. It’s an ideal time to get your ideas down in writing and capture your thoughts through videos or other forms of content creation. You can also use this period to plan and strategize your work for the remainder of the year, setting yourself up for continued success. Embrace the energy of the 9 of Swords to drive your projects forward and make significant strides in achieving your objectives.

Whatever August brings for you, enjoy it, have fun and I will see you next month!

As always, stay magical!