Hello September! We are now in our last third of 2020. How do you feel about that? I think so many people would like it if we could fast forward to December 31st and ring in the New Year, saying adios to the most trying year for a long time.

COVID is still hanging on in there, and we are all starting to get used to the new normal. Not that we like it, of course.

September is the 9th month of the year and number 9 in numerology is about completion, endings, letting go of what doesn’t suit, including people who drain you and no longer serve you. Let’s hope COVID starts to make an exit this month!


I am not surprised to see this card. We are all weary, tired, and really need a mental break. We haven’t been able to take normal vacations, and get the proper downtime we need in order to refuel the energy tanks. Even though a lot of us have been working from home, that in itself has produced a fair amount of stress when we usually use our home to feel comfortable, kick off our shoes and chill.

The character in the card is painted in the colors of the rainbow which symbolize the 7 chakras, each one needing a little care and attention to realign. So, for this month try and find some time each day to rest, not just leaving it until bedtime. Find somewhere that relaxes you, taking a walk in nature, listen to some soothing music. Put a plan in place to take 5 – 10 mins of you time.