Welcome to August 2020! I don’t know about you, but I feel this is the month of sunshine, beaches, BBQs, late nights, sunflowers and lazy days. For some in Europe it is a month off from school and work, and here in USA is the time the children go back to school. There is the sense of excitement and nervousness of a new grade, new teachers, new skills to learn and new friends to make. COVID-19 still has its grips on the world and has challenged the school governors about what to do. I am not so sure there is a right answer; kids at school, kids remote learning, both? I feel for the people having to put together these ‘won’t suit everyone’s’ schedules. The Chariot, being the card of the month, is encouraging us all to make a decision and run with it. Although some of the roads will be bumpy, staying the course made will ultimately bring success.

So, as I mentioned, the card for this month of August, is The Chariot. This is the card of travel and in normal circumstances, the summer holidays are all about taking trips, visiting different countries, exploring your hometowns and country, seeing family and friends. COVID-19 has made it harder to do these things.

The Chariot is also about moving forward with the decision you have made. Sometimes to make the choice is the hardest part, then it is about taking action. This is where the Chariot comes in. Use your willpower, self-discipline and confidence to stay focused to see the project through to the end. Sure, there will be distractions, bumpy bits, and opposing forces that maybe at work, but stand firm, put the blinkers on and see this all through. Success is waiting for you.