The Queen of Pentacles

Hello and welcome to the 5th month of 2023!

How are you and how was your April? Well, I felt like I was at a theme park all month, riding on the rollercoaster, navigating those dodgem/bumper cars and on the centrifugal ride, sometimes all on the same day….at the same time!

Not to say that it was bad at all. I went to a University campus with my youngest stepdaughter as she will be flying the nest in just over a year, took a trip with my hubby to Fort Knox (no, I didn’t get to go in) had a spider bite on the back of my leg which put me on antibiotics, mom-in-law has been staying with us, along with her two German Shepherds which has been wonderful – lots of home cooking and fun with the additional dogs (although Hazel the cat may disagree). We had some sad news about the unexpected passing of a friend, I attended and tried a Southern USA Crawdad Dinner (yummy, a little spicy) and I have been gathering momentum with doing more tarot readings, designing things…….and breathe!

Not sure about you, but I need a calmer month!

So what is the card for May 2023?

For the month of May with have the delightful Queen of Pentacles. A total contrast and welcomed energy following last month’s tough, Fallen Angel aka Devil.

Speaking of that you may feel like I do; that lately you have been dragged through the hedge backwards! Astrologically the planets have been shifting and shaking up things AND we are currently in Mercury retrograde until May 14th! Phew! Not quite out of the woods yet…

The woods – a nice link into this Queen who is ‘earthy’ and can represent the astrological earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, perfect as we are currently in the sun sign of Taurus.

What does this card mean for the collective this month?

I feel there is a sense of licking wounds, grabbing a blanket, binge watching a TV series with a pot of ice cream or family size bag of chips/crisps, or staying up far too late to finish that spellbinding book, in the cards. And why not! Once in a while we need to indulge and take time out for ourselves.

This month is about bringing yourself back down to earth. If your head has been up in the clouds or you’ve been working at nano-speed, allow yourself to gently calm down, return to earth, without the bump, begin to live in the present moment and start reconnecting with nature, pets, family and friends.

The Queens in all the suits are as powerful as the Kings but go about their business in a totally different way. We bare all the energies from the 78 tarot cards in one way or another, however, this month we are being advised to step back and look at the bigger picture rather than dictate. This could be hard for some of us who are always ready to impart our knowledge and experience, but sometimes all we need to do is hold space, look around, gather information, process it, then choose to make the move, or not!

This month we are especially connected with our work, health and home. Taking home first – you may feel like doing a good spring clean, decorate a room, plant some flowers or even considering a move. Despite the ice cream mention earlier on, keep an eye on health and maybe plan to eat and exercise a little better (after the pot of ice cream has been demolished of course 😉 ) and lastly, work. Look to where you can be more efficient with your time and space. A tidy desk/office/work area can equal a tidy mind. Make a schedule and stick to it, do time blocks for each project if it helps. If you can manage your work a little better, you will have time to indulge in things you want to do and who you want to do them with!

Finally, you may be feeling extra generous with your time and money this month. It is always lovely to help others, be there and support them, but make sure you do the same for yourself over the next 31 days.

Whatever May brings for you, enjoy it, have fun and I will see you next month!

As always, stay magical!