The Fallen Angel (aka The Devil)

Hello April!!

Wow, the first quarter of 2023 is over! Do I hear, “Phew?” or “Oh My…?”

I am in the “Oh My” camp! It has been crazy bonkers to think that we are starting the second quarter of the year already! How did the Emperor help you last month? I did start to organize my office, added another desk, tidy up (a bit) and began to plan the next few months. I think I am further than I thought I was….we shall see.

The clocks have moved forward and we are now in Daylight Savings which is glorious! I love the lighter, warmer evenings, watching the spring flowers begin to wake up and blossom.

We have yet another Major Arcana card for this month, this time it’s The Fallen Angel in my Aunt Lily’s Tarot Deck, aka Devil. Duh, Duh, Duuuhhhh!!

Before you panic and decide to stay inside for the whole of April, don’t forget with everything in life, there is a bright side and a shadow side. That doesn’t always mean it is negative, but don’t forget that we are human and we all have some level of issue or fear. It’s normal, completely normal. So, it is right and proper to have a Major Arcana card that addresses those facts, pulls us up, shoves it in our face and makes us take notice!

In the tarot, The Devil card is often associated with fear, temptation, distraction and negativity. It is a powerful card that can represent the darker side of human nature, like addiction, greed, and materialism. As I mentioned earlier, it is important to remember that the Devil is not necessarily a bad card, but rather one that challenges us to confront our own fears and limitations.

What does the Fallen Angel, aka Devil, mean for us this month?

The Devil as our card of the month indicates being aware of our temptations, addictions and inner turmoil. We may struggle with our own desires and impulses, and are being challenged to face and overcome them. This card can also represent a need to be more aware of our own limitations and avoid getting caught up in negative patterns of behavior.

An example of The Devil card is to see it as a symbol of the ego. It represents the part of ourselves that is driven by fear and desire. If we can confront and let go of some of that ‘ego’ we find that the issue we allowed to hold us back, becomes null and void, therefore giving us the freedom to explore and expand.

How can we work with the Fallen Angel, aka Devil, to improve ourselves and situations this month?

Working with The Devil card energy can be a transformative experience. It can help uncover the shadow self and bring to light any hidden desires or fears that may be holding us back. Here are a few tips on how to work with The Devil card energy this month:

  • Embrace the shadow self, the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden away. It sounds scary but Instead of ignoring or repressing these parts, try to embrace them. Recognize that they are a part of you and they can be used for growth and transformation.
  • Face your fears: The Devil card can also represent our fears and anxieties. What are you afraid of? This month, face those fears head-on. If there is something you need help with, this is the time to ask for it!
  • Examine all attachments: The Devil card can also represent our attachments to material possessions, relationships, or other things like drugs and alcohol. What are your attachments? Do they serve you or holding you back? Letting go of unhealthy attachments can be difficult, but it can be liberating. This is a great month to give up smoking for example.

Having The Devil card for April, can be seen as challenge for this month ahead, but it can be incredibly rewarding. By embracing your shadow self, facing your fears, and examining your attachments, there is an opportunity to use this Devil energy to transform, grow and evolve as a person.

In summary, this month face your demons, fears and limitations head on, and begin to notice positive shifts in areas of your life that have stalled or halted you from achieving certain goals.

Wow – that was a bit hard hitting! I will be working on my fear of being ‘live’ on video and negative self talk. What about you? What are you going to work on?

Have a great, rewarding April and I will see you next month!

Stay magical!