The Queen of Pentacles

Hello and welcome to June 2023.

Can someone please tell me where May went? I feel like I fell asleep on the 1st and just woke up to see the end of it! That being said, I spent a lot of time at home, doing some much needed spring cleaning, clearing out my wardrobe after having my ‘colors’ analyzed. If you remember Color me Beautiful back in the 1980/90s, this is an up to date version of it. After submitting many photos of my face (with no make up on… eeek) my neck and shoulders draped in different colors, the data spits out the tone of colors that suit your skin, eyes and hair. I am a Deep Winter, so black, silver, reds, magenta, teals, neutral to cooler tones suit me best. It’s a great way of getting rid of some clothes…. to obviously make way for new ones!

My youngest stepdaughter had her 17th Birthday, and finished her Junior year of High School. Only one more year left before she goes off into the big wide world. So proud of her achievements and how she has grown up. She is indeed the Queen of Pentacles! Speaking of which, believe me or not, I shuffled and cut the cards SEVEN times, and got the same card for June! Say what???? I could keep the information the same for June, but Tarot doesn’t quite work like that.

What does this same card as last month, mean for the collective this month?

This could be like a tap on the shoulder and an ‘ahemm’ in your ear suggesting, ‘you didn’t listen to me last month, so pay attention this one.’ Good job it’s the Queen not the King or you may get a physical prod instead of a verbal one.

Your home is going to be important in June. The weather in the northern hemisphere is warming up, in the southern, cooling down. Instead of going out and about, you may feel like hosting get togethers with people instead of going out to dinner. You may not feel as sociable as usual, and prefer your own company. So basking in the sunshine in your back yard instead of going to the lake or beach filled with others seems more appealing this month. You may want to try some recipes filled with yummy-ness exploring different flavors or seasonal foods to create some mouthwatering new dish. You could be decorating a room, making it cozy and inviting for yourself and others when they visit.

This Queen is of the earth signs in astrology – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. See if you spend some more time with those born under these signs. There is a grounded energy with this card, and if you have been mentally scattered recently, take some time to bring yourself down to ‘earth’ by being in nature. Bare feet in the grass, dig some dirt and plant some seeds, literally smell the roses and noticing the wildlife can give you a feeling of being grounded again. Slow down time and be in the present moment, even for 5 minutes a day will help reset you.

The suit of Pentacles is also linked with health. Being the ‘mom’ of the suit, she is there ready with the antiseptic when you graze your knee, cold drinks in the fridge and tells you it’s bedtime. Be a ‘mom’ to yourself this month. Be honest about what you need to do to get a little healthier or less stressed. Set a sleep schedule, turn off the electronics, have some alone time, read that book you’ve been staring at for months, and drink more water. Whatever you need to do, this is the ideal month to do it. The Queen insists!

If we all do as we are told, we may be able to go out and play next month!

Whatever June brings for you, enjoy it, have fun and I will see you in July!

As always, stay magical!