Welcome to May, cherry blossom and warmer days! So another Major Arcana Card to give us the theme of the month – The Chariot. Major Arcana for those who are still new at tarot are 22 cards that form our life’s journey. We all go through different experiences on our journeys, yet all tend follow the path of the cards.

The Chariot shows a person (the charioteer) holding the reigns to two horses, sphinx or other creature, depending upon the deck and artist’s creation, that are pulling the cart. In many decks one creature is black and the other white. This symbolizes the contrast each sphinx (in this particular card) is wanting to go in the opposite direction to the other. The charioteer is having to control these two sphinx, to lead them in the direction he wants to go.


I’m getting there….I am always fascinated when the card lines up with current events. The pandemic still has its grips on the world and naturally governments are trying to decide what to do next. On one hand, quarantine, staying home, wearing masks, protecting others is a somewhat ‘healthy’ option, but on the other hand people need to get back to work. The economies need to start turning again like they were before the arrival of this dreadful virus.

The Chariot signifies that there is determination in overcoming obstacles and making progress in adversity. This month I feel that there will be some decisions made about moving the world forward in a positive way even if it is with very small steps.


The Chariot is telling us to drive forward with our plans. Check in on our boundaries and know our limits. Think clearly, take control and have the courage to move forward be it seeking that promotion, finishing the course, finding a new hobby. Give some focus to the project or dream and if necessary be a little more assertive in ‘going for it!’

The Chariot could also signal travel and although the world is on travel restrictions at the moment, I sincerely hope that there may be some let up in that too. We shall see!