It’s March already! I decided to use my new Circle of Life Tarot cards to pull for the theme of this month. I chose it because we are now in the last astrology sign of Pisces, which will turn into the first sign of Aries on March 23rd.

The card of the month is number 9 of the Major Arcana – ‘The Hermit.’

Taking the number first, the number 9 is the number of endings. This it the time to complete any outstanding projects, sort through things that no longer serve or spark your interest. Spring cleaning comes to mind. Clear out the clutter and allow for new, fresh ideas and belongings to come into your world.

The Hermit is quite fitting as we are coming out of the slumber of the winter, and going into the spring with flowers, trees and animals waking up. The Hermit is about going within, taking time out for yourself, seeking answers from your existing knowledge and perspective. The light of the moon keeps him company, along with the book and staff. He is on his own, but not alone. Once the Hermit has his answers, he is willing to share his discoveries and insights with others.

So, for March, take some time for yourself. It doesn’t have to mean hibernate from all, but look within to figure out what you want from this month and year, who you want around you and start to clear out some physical clutter. As well as the physical, your mind collects clutter too. Negative thoughts and self doubts need to be recognized and thrown away with the trash. Start trading them for positive, ‘I can attitudes.’