We are coming up to half way through 2020, can you believe it? It is hard to describe the speed of time, yet we have been in shut down that felt like time was dragging, and each day mirrored the last.

The card drawn for June 2020 is the Knave or Page of Wands. I took a sigh of relief as the past three months have been dominated by the Major Arcana, this month is one of the Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana are cards that symbolize day to day events, things to watch out for, like bumps in the road or little niceties that pop up in the course of every day living.


Pages can be seen as children in the world of tarot, or childlike behaviors and actions. Pages are often considered messengers too bringing in news by ways of letters, phone calls and now-a-days, email and texts.

Staying with the world events, I feel that there is going to be far more movement allowed this month. Wand energy is fire, we have the summer coming, warmer days, people wanting to stretch their legs, get out of the house and begin living again. I feel all this is coming BUT, we aren’t out of the woods with COVID-19 yet… There is a saying – you give an inch, they take a mile. I feel governments are going to further relax the restrictions of movement but some will only hear that and not the rest of the announcement. I feel we are all in that car, you know the one where the handbrake is on, the back wheels are spinning creating swirling dust and smoke, the driver with their hand on the handbrake, ready to release to take off at lightning speed all excited, but somewhat out of control.

So this month, take a more adult approach. The giddiness of child energy is great and should be embraced but also be sensible. The snakes around the knave in the picture represent resilience and doubt, conflicting feelings. Pay attention to both, if in doubt wear the masks we have all gotten used to, but also go out and take in some rays and have fun. Safely.