The Emperor

Let’s say hello to March!

I hope you had a wonderful February. Hubby and I had a much needed vacation in Cozumel, an island off the coast of Mexico. I’d definitely recommend visiting. It’s clean, safe, have great food, and lovely people. Apparently it is world renown for being one of the best areas to dive and snorkel! The Mayan history is fascinating and one of the many highlights was learning how they make tequila along with the taste testing!

Spring is around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere. I for one can’t wait for some warmer weather and color to appear with the arrival of spring flowers.

We have a Major Arcana card for this month with the almighty Emperor.

We can all procrastinate, put off what we don’t want to do, or have so much on the go that we don’t know whether we are coming or going, but March gives us the energy of the Emperor, a time to focus, prioritize, plan and execute to ‘get it done!’

The Emperor for this month suggests getting organized, make a to-do list, carve out time to focus on achieving each daily activity. Rinse and repeat. Each completed task takes you nearer to achieving your goal. This doesn’t have to be on a worldwide scale, think of what you want to do within your home. For example, it’s spring clean month. Have you ignored the mess in your closet, and can’t fit one more t-shirt in the drawer? Have you gone through your medicine box and checked that the items are still in date? Does your office look like a tornado has whipped through it? How would you feel if within the next thirty-one days that your paperwork was filed correctly, or you have donated stuff you haven’t worn for a year to charity, making room for new purchases? Putting the work in now will make you feel so good and accomplished by the time April rolls around.

If you are in a leadership position at work, be aware of taking the Emperor energy too far. Yes, you want people to do their job. Yes, you are the advisor and manager, however… a sign of a good leader is to listen to colleagues when they have an idea or solution that hadn’t even crossed your mind. It is OK to compliment and adopt alternative courses of action. Beware of stomping on others ideas or opinions, without consideration, causing an unnecessary negative atmosphere.

In summary, this is a great month for taking responsibility and control of situations. You will be able to set clear boundaries with those you need to, exercise discipline, use reasoning and a logical approach to get things done.

Although it sounds a like hard work, anything you put time, effort and focus on this month will ultimately bring you a level of success. It will be worth it.

I will definitely be following the Emperor’s energies this month! Remember the office and tornado??? Yep, that’s mine right now.

Have a fabulous March, and I will see you next month!

Stay magical!