Welcome to the Second Half of 2021!

Let’s get straight into what to expect for the month of July.

The card for the month is the King of Pentacles. This made me chuckle a little. I feel like the King came out, move his wife aside, and shouted at everyone as they didn’t listen to his Queen’s words from last month!

Pentacles is the slowest moving of all the suits creating a little frustration. We have had countries pushing back the dates to open up. England delayed for another month for example.

Maybe we all should ‘listen’ this time.

This King can be stubborn and ‘growly’ when people don’t listen to him or his wife. The world is still recovering from the pandemic, with pockets of the virus popping up, showing that it isn’t done, presenting challenges for governments across the globe. Yet we are bored and feel stagnant in our predictable existence right now. We need to dig deep to find patience and embrace all the good in our lives. The summer is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere, so get outside and catch some rays. If it gets too hot or is a dull day, find some things to organize in the house. Plan some time to work on your finances, finish outstanding projects. If this sounds like not much fun, think of it as preparing yourself for when the world opens up and you can go charging around like ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ knowing your home is ready for when you return.

Have a happy and safe July.