Hello August! Not sure if I can believe you are here already or not?

Anyone good at card games? Isn’t Q, K, A from the same suit on the way to becoming a Royal Flush in poker?

That’s right the Ace of Pentacles is the card for August 2021.

What is it with the Pentacles over these last 3 months? Although we are still strongly connected to being at home, there is something new coming in this month. Pentacles are the suit of home, job, material possessions, security and finances, while the Ace represents a brand-new project or opportunity.

The world is starting to open up in some ways yet going backwards in others. More people are working from home again, but the travel has eased. We may start to feel a little more secure in the world as this month progresses.

This is an auspicious card to focus on if you are looking for a pay raise or a new job. Print out the image and carry it around with you! Equally, if you’re looking to move house, this will be a good month to begin your search.

This could be a lucky month so keep a positive mindset, buy that lottery ticket, enter into a competition as there could well be some unexpected, but pleasant surprises in store (and don’t forget who told you when you win!)

Have a safe and lucky August!