I hope you had a good Halloween / Samhain! Only 2 months to go until we get to 2022 – crazy huh?

It feels like we are limping towards the end of this year, and I think the 10 of Swords shows that perfectly. Looking at the Swords, it does remind me a little of the COVID vaccines and the dilemmas people are facing about whether to take the shots or not. Some people will take the injections so they remain employed or able to work, while others will decide to walk away or are let go, due to their position on being mandated to have the vaccine – here in the USA at least. It feels like there is no win for some individuals here.

This month you may be feeling the world is against you. Some people you usually rely on will suddenly not be there, silly little arguments could morph into bigger fights for no reason. There may be some victim mentality going on.

As you may know, I am not one for doom and gloom, so want to shed some positivity on this card. We go through ups and down in life, that’s a given, but we don’t need to stay in the down zone. Sometimes we need to close a particular situation even if you were 100% accurate in a decision or thought, even though no one agreed with you. Our health and wellbeing are much more important than being ‘right’, so let’s look at this card again. The number 10 means a completion or ending and 1 + 0 = 1 – a new beginning.

So, which one are you going to choose? Stay where you are, or draw a line and make a conscious decision to start again, even if it means not winning that particular battle?