I believe we are all linked through Universal Energy… (I hear those sighs!)  Bear with me on this…!

Have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rings, and it’s them?  Do you finish off other people’s sentences? Do you sometimes feel uneasy around someone who you don’t know, for no reason at all?  Have you ever connected with someone so strongly, that you felt like you’ve known them for years, when it’s only been minutes?

Just a few examples of what I feel is Universal Energy – this invisible thread of connection. It’s with all living things like animals and nature. Have you ever had a cold and snuggled up on the sofa watching daytime TV, for your pet to come up and cuddle up to you? Or been upset and your dog comes over and puts a paw on your lap? Walking on grass, barefoot, the warmth of the sun on your face, the smell of the roses all make you feel more grounded and alive?

Sometimes we get so caught up in our heads, our ego gets bruised, and we don’t know what to do with a situation. But in truth, we do know what to do, but we either

  1. Don’t want to see it
  2. Suppress it
  3. Scared to change for fear of the unknown
  4. Don’t want to get it wrong

We have all the answers deep down inside, but need some encouragement and assistance to find them, accept and decide whether to act on them… or not.

But we don’t trust ourselves. We self-doubt, get scared, can’t imagine a ‘way out’ or listen to others for advice that is often bias. You see, the magic isn’t in some random cards with pictures, it’s within you, me, all of us. But how do we find it?

That is where I can help.

I predominantly use the ancient art of tarot and intuition to help me help guide you. I have learned how to interpret the cards, along with some other divination tools, to decipher the messages that come forward. I help you find the answers or guidance you are seeking within yourself.

Everyone has intuition.  Period.  Have you ever driven a different way home just because you felt like it to only discover there was an accident on your normal route?

Have you had a sudden awareness to go home only to find you’d left the oven on – or in my case, found my dog had wrapped his neck around a long net curtain and couldn’t get out of it, pulling it tighter…. (Fortunately, he was OK)


We don’t know how we know, but we do. 


In the early ‘caveman’ days, we likely relied upon our inbuilt guidance to alert us when there was danger, our instincts being heightened at a time of life or death.  We don’t need to use it in the same way nowadays, and like with most things, if you don’t use it, you lose it. However, animals still go by their senses.  They feel and act upon the threat of imminent danger or a change in weather, for example. 


I would swear my cat Jasmine could read the calendar.  When it was time for her to go to the vets, she would disappear 20 minutes before the appointment, and reappear 10 mins after.  After a couple of years of this reoccurrence, even the lady at the vets would say, ‘bring her down when you find her.’

Could she read the calendar, or did she pick up on my ‘you’d better not do your disappearing act before we head out to the vets,’ thought in my head?