I love my clients! I love how I can help them move forward when they feel stuck or anxious about situations they are facing. All businesses adore receiving praise and heart felt gratitude..you just can’t buy it!

Last summer I read for a lady who was worried about her relationship. At that time all my readings were conducted by email. All I had was her question and date of birth. I have a little ritual I do before starting any reading, which I did, then proceeded to draw the cards and type.

Below is her reply

(some information has been changed for privacy purposes)

“I am writing this with tears in my eyes because I felt like you’re a guardian angel to deliver what I had been asking from the universe. You picked up things I didn’t even mention. I am shocked! When I first saw “L” I felt he was so familiar. I even told him this. I told him I think you look like someone I had a crush on hahah… He is straight up to the point like you said and use very limited words but I feel he’s genuine. About how I feel about him, OMG you nailed it to the dot! That’s exactly how I feel about him. Everything was true… He is 3 years younger than me so the page of cups really suits him. Also I checked our astrology, My Juno is in Sagittarius and his Juno is in Scorpio (my rising sign) maybe that’s what it says :)) You are so right about the communication as well. We talked for a week everyday and then it got reduced.. But we talked few yesterday and today… that’s why I had doubts… I mean, I honestly feels he is the one but his actions sometimes make me think maybe he is not that in to me like I am… But thank you so much for giving me some insight for this situation. I’m sure things will progress in 3-6 months.I am so happy to know your story! Thank you for sharing it with me and inspiring me. I wish to make my dreams come true like you did. May God bless you and your beautiful family with more joy and happiness. Hope you’re safe in this riot and corona. Thank you for taking time to do this reading. I understand everything is in our hand, but I believe if something is fated and meant to be, it will be!

Thank you for leaving so much positivity! Stay safe and blessed.Love,S”

I wanted to give her a hug!