The Ace of Cups! What a lovely and appropriate card for ‘Valentine’ February!

This month there is a promising chance of finding love….sigh… Although the obvious relationship type of love, but also other types of love out there. But let’s start with the emotional connection you may find with someone. That heady, butterflies in the stomach, can’t eat, or sleep period of time when he or she consumes every waking minute of your existence. Nervous and excited, looking forward to their call or text, dreaming of everlasting besottedness and a connection so strong that nothing can break it….AND you believe they feel the same. This is such a magical, fun, exciting time! Endorphin overload!!!!

And back to reality…. IF you were to meet someone special this month, enjoy your time. Feel everything, check in with your head once or twice for a reality check, but allow these emotions to control you just for a while. It won’t last forever, sadly. But what about if you already are in a relationship? This month, you may feel a new surge of love or understanding, you may become closer than in recent times. Again, enjoy this time, living has a way of getting involved and the day-to-day grind becomes clear once more.

What about those who don’t meet someone new, or quite happy being on their own? Well, a good dose of self-love will do wonders for you this month. Choose a new bath fragrance, get your nails done, turn off your phone and read that new book you keep promising yourself you will get round to. Cook an amazing meal or try something new that tickles those taste buds.

Do you have something you would love to try? A new hobby: pottery, decorating cupcakes, riding a motorbike, you know what? It could be anything. This is the month to give it a go, you have nothing to lose and possibly so much more to gain.