Well, we have made it to December, hooray! It feels like we have done some kind of decathlon this year and are exhausted from it. But we have one last month to go and it should be a fun one…or should it?

The amount of stress the Holiday season can bring is enormous. The crazy money spent on food, travel, let alone the card and presents (that aren’t always graciously accepted.) The decision of where to go, ‘because we went to the others last year,’ the fact we can’t get together with our families due to travel restrictions and COVID. I heard that! Some of you are breathing a sigh of relief

The pressure we put on ourselves and others in normal circumstances is tiring and this year we are going to experience a different kind of pressure. I am sorry if I am all doom and gloom, perhaps I should watch ‘A Christmas Carol’ as I sound like Ebenezer Scrooge….

This leads me on to the card of the month. Now, I could have cheated and pulled a lovely card, perhaps the Sun or Ace of Cups…but that isn’t how the tarot works. After quite a lot of shuffling and asking the Universe for the card for December, I turned over the 5 of Swords. Oh, man! I suppose it could have been worse.

So, what is the card making us aware of for this month?

The 5s are all about change, conflict, and disruption; the suit of Swords is about communication, thought, logic, and reasoning. So, putting those together we can get some arguments or disagreements, and things not going to plan. The earlier comment about ‘we went to theirs last year, so need to go here this year,’ feels quite apt.

Anyone who knows me will be surprised at this post so far. I am not one for negativity, I am a realist at worst. But, in true Claire spirit, let’s pull some positivity out of this.

You know there could well be some challenges this month, so try to get things organized and planned early on. You are also aware that things may not go according to those plans, so instead of arguing about it, embrace any changes with a smile on your face, and go with the flow. I know not everyone will see this post (unless you share it of course so others won’t understand what is likely to happen, but you can make a difference by choosing to not get involved with petty arguments. This means that your stress and anxiety will be minimal and maybe, just maybe, you can enjoy some of this traditionally magical time.