In the world of numerology this is the year number 4. (2+0+2+0 =4). The Major Arcana number 4 is represented by The Emperor.

So, what can we expect for this year, 2020?

The Emperor follows the lovely, nurturing, creative, mother figure, The Empress in the Major Arcana. He known as the ‘father’ figure. Traditionally, the father figure is seen as the boss, rule maker, leader and authoritative. This year is all about putting structures in place, building solid foundations in all aspects of our lives that will help support us as we build and move forward. Think of putting a new roof on rickety, old walls of a building… not smart, right? There is also a great potential to earn well this year. Look into putting systems in place to allow make the most of the investments. It would be devastating to lose it all because of ill planning.

We need to look at everything and everyone around us. Make the necessary changes and upgrades to prepare ourselves for all opportunities that may come our way. By being organized, structured and go getters this year, the Universe will help us manifest our dreams and desires.

Key words for 2020 are:

structure, stability, authority, planning, organization, manifestation, rules, regulations, boundaries, drive, determination, confidence, leadership, routines and hard work.